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The whole team here at Bailey's is very happy to announce the arrival (Ready to deliver) of our 20 inch machine, the Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 20EHP. We have been working on this machine for some time, strengthening our existing ultra strong frame to handle an increase of 3 inches. We decided to extend by 3 inches to provide the most room to quilt to our customers that we could.

The NEW Pro 20EHP is our nicest and smoothest machine to date and will give you the ability to start a 15 inch quilt pattern and finish the quilt still making 15 inch patterns across the entire length. Making smaller blocks? No problem enjoy the ability you will have to roll much less often and finish your quilts in record time.

Some may argue that this is our first long arm machine as many people believe that our previous lineup is composed of Mid-Arm machines like the BHQ Pro 13EHP, Pro 15EHP and Pro 17EHP. Well, there is no doubt this is the most affordable long arm machine on the market.

News Flash! Click here to see the Sew Control Stitch Regulator for the BHQ Pro 13EHP, Pro 15EHP, Pro 17EHP and Pro 20EHP machines

Feature's of the Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 20EHP
- New multi LED lighting system for a great view of your stitches.
- 20 inch arm bed length from the machine housing to the needle
- Approximately 700 stitches per minute speed
- Quilting machine weighs approximately 38 lbs.
- A laser stylist that enables the operator to easily follow quilting patterns
- On/off power switch on handle can also be used as a 'pulse' switch. This allows the user to cycle the needle to bring up threads or to set the needle in the up or down position.
- A 25 year warranty on drive components - Written warranty available by mail on request.

The BHQ Pro 20EHP has a $50.00 shipping charge that is added to the price of the machine and covers shipping to the lower 48 states.

Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 20EHP machines are sent with Fedex Ground

Each Bailey's Home Quilter includes:
10 Bobbins.
10 size 16 Titanium Needles.
an Extra Hook (this is a wear part so we include an extra).
1 Laser Stylus with Batteries.
Built in Bobbin Winder.
Handles with Speed and on/off Function.
Foot controller.
Instructional DVD.
Extra heavy duty packaging to ensure your machine arrives in the same top notch condition it left our factory.

When checking out $50.00 is included in the price of the BHQ Pro 20EHP to cover shipping to the lower 48 states. If you are ordering a special package there will be no shipping charge to the lower 48 states.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

BHQPro20EHPSuggested Retail Price: $2,999.00Bailey's Price: $2,599.00
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Bailey's Ultra 20E in Bailey's NEW Sit Down Table


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