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Bailey's Sew Control stitch regulator was designed specifically for both the Bailey's Home Quilter machines. Having built our regulator from the ground up means it works seamlessly with all BHQ machines and creates a high quality more even stitch length. With this regulator I have been able to follow patterns like never before and am very pleased with the results that I was unable to obtain before the regulator. This addition makes the BHQ very responsive to your movements.

-Variable Length Adjustment
-Start/Stop switch located on handle
-Includes 1 handle that can be switched from free motion side to pattern side easily.
-Stabilizing system built into handle arm.
-Aluminum housing for long life and durability (dissipates heat well)
-Wheel (Optical) encoders on crafted aluminum supports -Designed specifically for BHQ Machines (Not a multi line add on)
-Slow/Fast switch for bobbin winding. (People have been reporting that the slow switch is a great way to lower or raise your needle)
-Able to be uniquely optimized to each machine.
-Compatible with all Bailey's Home Quilter machines old and new.
-All Regulators Come with Double Handles

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

BHQSewControlSuggested Retail Price: $675.00Bailey's Price: $599.00
Regulator Options:: 

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Speed, Fast/Slow, and power LED

Regulator on mounting bracket and both x/y movement sensors

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Connection Side with On/Off Switch

Regulator and Handle Mount

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Regulator with Handle

Sensor Mounted on Upper Carriage of Little Gracie 2


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